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Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Chance To Contribute More in Returning the Wealth of Islam

When I wrote the book “Returning the Wealth of Islam with Dinar and Dirham” about one year ago, honestly I was depended on literature studies from different sources – while practical application was a big zero as no body in the market was really familiar with Dinar at that time.

Alhamdulillah it is more obvious how the Dinar will InsyaAllah return to be the tool to prosper Islam now. The micro indicator is clear. When the book was published, 1 (one) Dinar was equivalent to Rp 877,000,- the readers that applied the content of the book has gained a profit of 46% up to today if you look at it from the Rupiah currency point of view, because the Dinar price today is Rp1,282,600,-.

From another perspective, the reader who migrated to Dinar has saved its property from declining value of 32% during the last twelve months.

But Dinar should be the main currency for all the people, not just those who had the chance to read Dinar books and of course not just for those that can access the internet every day, so they are updated in many investment opportunities.

Dinar must and can spread to all the people so that the prosperity is equal, and because of that, the effort to return the Dinar must be a big program that involves as many people as possible that are care towards the prosperity of the people in the future.

For that purpose, I’m asking the readers who have a spare time or money, to participate in spreading the Dinar to the people. The following are some efforts that we can do together:

• Just like what we have done in several Mosque and offices in Jakarta, lectures about the Dinar should be done in other cities in Indonesia or even overseas.
• Bachelor, Masters, or PhD students who are interested in studying Islamic economics can study the Dinar seriously for final paper or thesis.
• We need many books to publish that explain the use of Dinar in the peoples daily lives.
• Continue to develop the technology that allows the modernization of the use of Dinar but not abandoned the basic muamalah principal in accordance with syariah.
• The need to teach and train Muslim entrepreneur with integrity and professionalism; they are to become the mudharib of the future where the shahibul mal can provide capital loan (qirad ) with their Dinar for the real trade or business.
• Islamic Economy in general and Dinar in particular need to be introduced to the Junior and Senior High School Students so generations to come they know about the fair currency and avoid usury.

As it is beyond our own capability to run all of the above, we welcome the reader’s participation who wants to contribute in the development of Dinar in Indonesia. If the contribution is in the form of man power, please contact us via email. If it is a cash contribution, in the right side of this blog there is a donation link to accept donation through all major several credit cards and paypal.

Hopefully, this step can increase our good deeds in the hereafter.


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