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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How to Make Your Dinar Productive…

Alhamdulillah since I wrote about how to make the Dinar of our customers productive in the article The Next Step after the Dinar Introduction, we receive many responses.
But since it is a new for all of us, not all the questions regarding the Qirad program are easy for me to explain and not all is easy to understand. To help me explain, I present a graphical illustration of this program.
Dinar Based Qirad System

The explanation of the graphical illustration as follows:
1) If you’re interested in Qirad your Dinar; you could send your Dinar to us or register to us your Dinar to be traded. No need to doubt, the gold/Dinar to Rupiah trade is allowed based on the hadits from Rasulullah SAW narrated by all the big narrators except Al-Bukhari, as follows, from Ubadah ibn Al-Samid: “Gold with Gold, silver with silver, wheat with wheat, wheat rice with wheat rice, dates with dates, salt wth salt, same amount, from one hand to another, if it is a different kind, then trade as you want as long it is from one hand to another”. What is forbidden is trading the same kind of money (i.e Rupiah with Rupiah) but with different amount – because it is usury.
2) After we receive the Dinar or registered in Gerai Dinar, therefore the Dinar is traded and the buyer purchase from Gerai Dinar with Rupiah.
3) From the sale of the Dinar, the Rupiah is then used by Gerai Dinar to order Dinar from Logam Mulia
4) After Logam Mulia finish production and deliver to Gerai Dinar, Gerai Dinar take part of the surplus to net tax allocation (difference between expense tax and income tax), operational cost and delivery/insurance for around about 3%.
5) The net proceeds after deduction from the cost is point 4; let say around 2%, then this 2% is shared between the capital owner of Qirad and Gerai Dinar.
6) The Qirad capital and the share proceeds is given back to the investor, or if agreed by the two parties, can be used for another round of trading.

And so on so that your Dinar is safe in Dinar as well as growing with the permitted trading, not by the prohibited usury.

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