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Sunday, March 16, 2008

It Can Be That The Fitrah Solution Makes The Stomach To Ache in The Beginning…

I took the title of this article from Rasool S.A.W Hadits, narrated by Abu Sa’id Al- Kudri: A man comes to Rasool S.A.W and said “My brother is having a stomach ache” then Rasool S.A.W said to that man. “Tell him to drink honey”, the man cam back to Rasool S.A.W and the Prophet said again “Tell him to drink honey”, then the man came back again for the third time and Rasool still says “Tell him to drink honey”, then the man came back and said “Rasool S.A.W, I’ve already did it” then Rasool S.A.W says “Allah has conveyed the truth, but your brother’s stomach is lying, tell him to drink honey”. Then the man asks his brother to drink honey again and he was well.
That Hadits is about honey and medication, but we can learn from a lesson embedded in that Hadits, which is… Allah has conveyed the truth, but the situation that we are facing is fooling us….

Last week was a miserable week for the World economy. A week where the US government applied a high dose therapy to save the Dollar (refer to my article dated 12/3/08 ), but it was proven to fail in the next two days (refer to my article dated 14/3/08). This failure is seen again today, when I am writing this article, the Sydney gold market has run for two hours, and in the first two hours the gold price already increased so high.
This failure is admitted by the President of United State himself, George W Bush, quoted from The New York Times dated 14/03/2008 titled, Bush Acknowledges Economic Troubles. In his speech in the Economic Club of New York, Bush said that “the economy is having a though time….If you ever get stuck in a situation like that, you know it’s important not to overcorrect, If you overcorrect, you end up in a ditch.”

If I’m writing and commenting a lot on the US economy and its Dollar, it’s not because I like to or vice versa with US, it is just the reality on the world we live in right now.

The ups and down of the Rupiah, the ups and downs of the Indonesian Stock Exchange is affected more by what is happening in the US$ than the decisions made by the Indonesian monetary authorities.
If the US is in a ditch… so are we; and we were reminded by Rasool S.A.W 1400 years ago with his hadits, “Step by step you followed previous people actions. Until if, they fall in to an Iguana hole, then you follow them into it”. One then asked, “Oh Rasool, are you referring to the Christians and Jews?” Rasool replied “Who else?”
So now we are in a ditch or Iguana’s hole (because Iguanas does live in a ditch!)…because we followed their currency and monetary system..
Then what is the solution? Lets return the Fitrah Islamic solution, the fair Dinar monetary system, usury free capital, and get rid of speculative economic practices, full of Gharar and Maisir…

But we may experience a stomach ache first like the Hadits above…its fine as long as we will heal.
This solution is not just for Islam people; other people that truly seeks for solutions will find the same solution. Look at the GATA proposal to change the US$ with gold and silver that I’ve quoted in my article dated 12 December 2007 in my old blog. Wallahu A’lam.

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