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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Prepare Your Umbrella Before It Rains...

When I learn about risk management, I learned the term Near Loss Incident. Our people call it… just almost…

The point is that big problems started with series of small problems that over time gets bigger and then it peaks ----bang ---- everything is destroyed.

In the world money market, that is what happened couple days ago. Almost the whole Global financial system collapse when the gold price rose from US$1002/troy oz to US$ 1029/troy oz during that day, before it finally under control again to US$ 1002/troy oz the next morning.

The world financial market has only reached the …just almost…collapse. But does it occur in our minds that the global financial system can really collapse ?.

What if something that happened in Indonesia year 1965 and 1998, or like Germany year 1923 or the Great Depression that started the fall of the US stock exchange in 29 October 1929 was repeated? What can we do?

Besides this blog, it’s good if you read Mindset, a book by John Naisbitt, for the “Angle” of the western futurolog, for him the currency of the future is real commodity that has intrinsic value. Meaning that if the world financial system collapse, what you need to hold at that time is something that does have value, not paper with given value.

This does not have to be gold or Dinar, it can be mining products, agriculture products, animal husbandary, property or other real wealth. From all this, the most practical and easy to get at this moment is Gold Dinar.

Today and the days ahead, the gold price tends to decline, so is Dinar – hopefully; this is a great chance to buy an umbrella before a heavy rain that is almost unbearable like couple days ago. Wallau A’llam.

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