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Friday, March 7, 2008

Where is the Dinar price headed this week?

Last week was a stellar week for Dinar price; the price rallied to new record highs. The Dinar price closed at Rp1, 225,000 – historical high. Gold against the US$ is at around US$ 974/troy oz – historical high; and the US$ Index is at around 73.8 – historical low.

In my last writing last Thursday, I’ve already explained Why the Dinar Price Goes Higher, by looking at the declining trend of US$ value driven by the decline of the US$ Index.

US Dollar Index Trend and Its Effect to Islamic Dinar PriceThe decline of the US% Index, looking at a five year trend shown in the graph, looks to continue. Up until now, I don’t see any significant step of actions that can reverse the declining trend.

What does this mean in relation with the Dinar price? Because international gold price still uses US$, it will mean that in US$ the gold price will keep going higher and consequently the Dinar price will go higher too. Even though the Dinar price is at its record high, we might well see new record high in the days ahead.

For those expecting the Dinar price to go lower, most probably will be disappointed. The chances are, it will go even higher.

Once again, this is my personal analysis, I can be wrong, and all I did is point out the statistical facts.

Based on that statistic, if you are thinking to switch some of your saving into Dinar – insyaAllah even with a high Dinar price, you are not late – better to switch some of your savings into Dinar now – before the Dinar price continues it rally to new record highs day after day. Wallahu A’lam.

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