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Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Muslim’s Matter is Amazing...

This time I want to share a view on how to react on the ups and down of the Dollar, Oil and Dinar – from the Islam perspective.

I took the title of this article from one of Rasool SAW Hadits in the Riyadhus Shalihin that translate:

Rasool SAW said: “A Muslim matter is amazing, in fact all matter is good for him. That is not owned by someone unless he or she is a Muslim. If he receives happiness, he is thankful and it is good deed for him. But if he receive suffering, he is patient and that is also a good deed for him”. (HR Muslim)

Amongst Rasool SAW Sahabah that inspired by the hadits even analogized the happiness and suffering as two horses, ride on any of them is not a problem. At a times when riding the “horse” of happiness he is thankful, in the other hand at times when riding the “horse” of suffering he can be patient.

What is the relationship between being thankful and patient with Dollar, oil and Dinar?

For the sake of all the people right now – low oil price is good. Our needs will all be more affordable if oil price is cheap. That’s why in my article two days ago I was happy to see that the oil price tends to decline; and at that time I was hoping that the decline will last long. My happiness is seeing the oil price decline is InsyaAllah better that my dislikes looking at a powerful US$ , it is a shame that these two things coincide in the market.

In contrary, the US$ is weakening these days. Last night the US $ Index declined 1.25%; along with the increase of oil price to US$ 106.12/barrel. Even in the famous oil website Oil-Price.Net states that the 1 year forecast of US$137.96/barrel.

We know that 1 barrel equals 117.35 liters, which means crude oil price is US$1.18.liter or Rp10.915/liter..... Then how much will the Government price for the Premium fuel in the market? Worrying right…?
As Muslims we need to know these problems so that we can act correctly and hopefully can make it as praying field for our savings in the hereafter.

Before a energy crisis happen along with the increase of oil price, lets start to think about an alternative energy solution that will benefit a lot of people. Alternative energy sources are abundantly provided by Allah in this earth, and will be enough until the end of the world. One of them is the wind energy I wrote in my article dated 13/3/2008.

So InsyaAllah our concern on the increasing oil price can result in new good deeds for us that is alternative energy for the people until the of time. For readers that have knowledge and experience in alternative energy can help realize this idea. Wallahu A’lam

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